Installation Techniques to Ensure Your Aluminum Fence Lasts for Years

Author: Emerson Beck

Author: Emerson Beck


Installation Techniques to Ensure Your Aluminum Fence Lasts for Years

A fence can greatly enhance the value and beauty of your property. Considering the vast range of fences available in the market, aluminum fences seem to have won the hearts of a lot of homeowners. They are low maintenance, look sleek and modern, and can last for years when correctly installed. However, an improperly installed aluminum fence can cause more harm than good. Loose and unstable fences are not only unsightly but also a security threat. In this post, we will delve into the installation techniques that can guarantee a long-lasting aluminum fence for your property.

Proper Measurements

The first step in the installation process is taking accurate measurements to determine the perimeter of your property. You’ll need to use these measurements to determine the number of panels, posts, and gates required. Additionally, it’s crucial to contact your local zoning office to check for fence guidelines and requirements. Classic Fence Company offers free project estimates, which are scheduled site visits, to help you determine the best options for your property.

Installation of Posts

The foundations of your fence lie in the posts. Aluminum fence posts should be buried deep enough into the ground to provide adequate support. They should extend 1/3 of the total height of the fence above ground and sink, at least, 2 feet into the ground. This ensures your fence stays upright in all weather conditions.

Use of a Concrete Mix

For added strength and stability, aluminum fence posts should be set in a concrete mix. This strengthens the structure of the fence and works to prevent the posts from shifting. Classic Fence Company uses only top-quality concrete mixes to guarantee the best results.

Proper Alignment of Fence Panels

One of the most critical installation techniques for aluminum fences is properly aligning the fence panels. The fence panels should be leveled horizontally, keeping a constant level from one end to the other. Any slight misalignment can cause the fence to become unstable over time. It’s crucial to use a level during the installation process to avoid unfinished work.

Correct Installation of Gates

The gate is one of the most active parts of an aluminum fence and needs to be installed correctly to perform optimally. An improperly installed gate can come off the hinges or fail to close, leading to safety hazards or property damage. Professional fence contractors should be consulted to help determine the best gate installation techniques for your property.

Professional Aluminum Fence Installers in Roseville, CA

Installing an aluminum fence can add value, beauty, and security to your property. However, you need to hire a professional Roseville fence contractor to guarantee a long-lasting fence. At Classic Fence Company, we are dedicated to creating fences that are not only aesthetically appealing but also structurally sound. We have a vast range of aluminum fences with different styles and colors to choose from and we help homeowners make the best decisions for their property. Contact us today for your free project estimation and find out how you can enhance the functionality and beauty of your property.

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