4 Pool Fence Ideas to Makeover Your Garden Area

Author: Emerson Beck

Author: Emerson Beck

a swimming pool in foreground with a yellow children's slide surrounded by a wooden fence in Sacramento, CA


A beautiful swimming pool should always be matched with options from a professional fence contractor. Safety and privacy are a priority, but that doesn’t mean your initial design has to suffer from it. There are many types of pool fence ideas for enhancements, with a few options that are sure to be a surprise. 

Wood Pool Fences

a swimming pool surrounded by a wooden fence

To install wooden fence panels around a pool, you’ll need to break out the measuring tape. This applies to any modern fence design that is guided by California’s regulations. Wooden fences around the pool are at their best when you go for a traditional style. When you install wood fence panels, the buyer gets to finetune the color scheme with a paint color of their choosing. Wood fencing offers the most customization, but also ranks as a material that needs the most maintenance. If you can keep up with cleanliness, then the creativity of a wood fence will always look next level.

Install a Wooden Pool Gate

For extra privacy, you can always install a wooden gate which will give you 360-degree swimming pool privacy as there are no clear openings. Speak to one of our local fence contractors now about your privacy options in your backyard.

Aluminum Pool Fence Ideas

aluminum fence surrounding a swimming pool with deck chairs and sun loungers

Metal pool fence ideas are popular due to the low amount of upkeep. Aluminum fences for swimming pools have become the popular option in this category for their low cost and rust resistance. Getting the right aluminum fence design will also grant you one of the more attractive safety fences on the market. Metal tends to stand out in a good way, and beats glass in appearance. The aluminum pool fence cost is well worth its long-term durability in addition to its aesthetic appeal. For a top-rated aluminum pool fence installation experience, contact Classic Fence Company today for a free project estimate.

Simulated Rock Pool Fences

Brown Granite EcoStone Fence surrounding a swimming pool

Simulated rock fences give you the best privacy without breaking the bank. It has even been recommended by wood fence builders, both for the look and the ease of gathering the materials. Like a wood pool fence, you can get really creative with simulated rock. A basic install will enhance your entire pool environment while adding materials that are prebuilt to withstand harsh conditions. The maintenance for simulated rock is laughably small, and even when damaged is trivial to replace. 

Vinyl Pool Fence Ideas

swimmingpool and a

Vinyl pool fencing has gained popularity for its price point and range of styles. When it comes to durability, it can go head-to-head with simulated rock. Vinyl pool fence ideas look really good without having an overly artificial look. If you choose a modern fence design, a vinyl pool fence can mimic wood styling without any issues. 

Swimming Pool Fence Cost Estimates

It’s important to understand that the cost estimates of any fencing project are determined by the material used, the design of the fence, and the shape & size of the area, amongst other things. Having a professional pool fence contractor visit the property so they can provide advice on all of these things, including an estimate is an important step in the process. 

Maintenance of Pool Fences

No matter which material you go with, make sure that you factor in all necessary upkeep.  A pool fence that has a low cost for purchase may end up costing you a lot in dollars or effort for maintenance as it grows old. These are important things to consider. 

Safety and Privacy Details

Whether or not you choose to install fence panels, it’s important to keep your yard safe from hidden dangers. Even in places where it isn’t a safety requirement, the privacy you regain with a fence makes it more than worth it. This is why pool fences will always have much more benefits beyond their core functionality. 

Hiring Pool Fence Contractors in Sacramento County

If you’re residing in the greater Sacramento Area and considering a fencing project for your swimming pool, there are a number of things you need to consider. Speaking to a pool fence company should be one of the first steps as their staff will be able to schedule a visit and talk you through all of the possible designs and costs. From there you’ll be able to make an informed decision and get the construction process started. If you’re looking for a local pool fence contractor company in Sacramento County, contact Classic Fence Company today at (916) 330-1144. You can also find further contact information here

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