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There is so much more to a wood fence than just fence boards. Our fence boards and 2×4’s (rails) are made of California redwood while the posts and kickboards are typically pressure treated douglas fir. We also offer a variety of metal fence post options including postmasters, and boltups.

In our journey to build a beautiful, long lasting fence, we have chosen to offer California native, sustainably harvested redwood. This hearty wood is beautiful in its natural state, but can also be stained or painted.

To Classic Fence Co, wood fencing is a craft. We take great pride in our work and have the utmost respect for you and your property.

Why Redwood?

Redwood’s unique structure makes it ideal for outdoor construction. It weathers nicely and is naturally unappealing to pests and termites. Unlike some woods offered, redwood is less prone to warping and moving. It’s naturally beautiful grain and red and white color make it an attractive choice for wood fencing.

Wood Fence Designs

We offer several different types of wood fencing.

Redwood Dog Ear Fence


The Dog Ear style fence is one of the most common fence styles in Sacramento. The top edges of the fence pickets are cut on an angle to create a dog ear shape. The angles add character and a bit of dimension. On the day of the installation, the fence boards are placed right next to each other. As the wood dries, gaps will appear between the fence boards. If you are not interested in having gaps along the fence, a board on board fence might be a better option.

Dog Ear Board on Board Nail On


Dog ear board on board nail on is built by overlapping vertical dog ear fence boards on top of each other. Board on Board fences offer privacy. As the wood dries, the boards will not produce visible gaps between fence boards. The 2×4 framing on dog ear board on board offers structural durability, making it a good fencing option.

Solid Board Cap and Trim


Solid board with cap and trim is similar to dog ear fencing, but offers a more decorative feel. This is a fantastic way to add beauty and design to your property. The fence is usually topped with a 2×6 redwood cap and a 1×4 top fascia on one side. As with dog ear fencing, gaps will appear between the fence boards. If you are not interested in having gaps along the fence, a board on board cap and trim fence might be a better option.

Nail on Board on Board Cap and Trim


Board on board with cap and trim is similar to solid board with cap and trim, but the fence boards are overlapping to offer privacy. Board on board with cap and trim is a fantastic way to add beauty and design to your property. The fence is usually topped with a 2×6 redwood cap and a 1×4 top fascia on one side. As the wood dries, the boards will not produce visible gaps between fence boards.

Board on Board Picture Framed


Board on Board picture framed is a unique way to add beauty and consistent design to your property. The fence style looks similar on both sides enabling you and your neighbor to enjoy the nice side of the fence. Board on Board picture framed is built by having the 2×4 framing move to the top and bottom of the fence. The fence boards are then picture framed in place with 1×1 redwood trim pieces. Board on Board picture framed is not as structural as board on board nail on, but offers a uniquely beautiful fence.

Shadow Box Fence


Shadowbox fencing is built by alternating fence boards on either side of the fence. The 2×4 rails are at the top and lower portion of the fence similar to dog ear fencing. The fence looks the same on both sides. When looking directly at the fence, the boards are overlapping on opposing sides of the 2x4s which offers privacy. That being said, at any angle, the fence is not private and allows one to see through.

Custom Picket Fence


The classic picket fence has long symbolized the ideal suburban life. Picket fences come in a variety of styles and sizes. They are distinguished by evenly spaced boards nailed onto horizontal 2×4 rails. Aside from enclosing your front yard, picket fences make attractive accent or garden fences.

Cedar Split Rail


Cedar split rail fences offer a rustic boarder fence. The split cedar fence is constructed of split cedar posts and either 2 or 3 split cedar rails. The fence style is constructed of rustic lumber and will have imperfections. The fence style looks the same on both sides and is typically used in front yards.

Pressure Treated Retaining Wall


Wood retaining walls are typically used at grade changes to retain soil. The wood retaining walls are typically used in conjunction with wood fencing. When we build wood retaining walls, we use pressure treated douglas fir kickoards and pressure treated douglas fir posts. The size of the post used is determined by the height of the wall and the associated fencing.

Redwood Gates


We offer a variety of wood gates from standard box z frames to custom Berco Garden Doors. Our typical wooden gate is similar to the fence style and is constructed as a box z frame. The box z frame helps resist sagging. As a standard practice, we use a black powder coated post mount latch and black hinges. We also offer a contractor grade adjust-a-gate which is an adjustable steel frame. The frame is equipped with an anti-sag cable that allows for minor adjustments of the gate.


Custom fencing can serve many purposes. We have built a number of custom fencing projects and we look forward to hearing about your project. From horizontal fencing to mixed materials we understand that each project is unique. If your project is beyond our comfort level, we will do our best to help you find the proper contractor.

If you would like to speak to a wood fencing contractor about a project you had in mind, don’t hesitate to call us at (916) 330-1144. You can also find additional contact information here.

Custom Horizontal Fence

Our older, mismatched fence took a beating last winter. We decided to upgrade from the half horizontal and half traditional dog ear to a full board on board style. We got a couple of estimates, but were really blown away by the customer service of Classic Fence Co. Tom showed up prepared with an iPad full of different options, and explained the quality of their materials vs many of their competitors. Other companies spent 5 minutes looking around wrote down a number and took off. After meeting with Tom, we knew right away this was the company we were going to go with. We ended up going with the board on board style with a cap and trim. Tom was very helpful and patient throughout the process, getting us the estimates for this style (a little pricier) and the cheapest (traditional dog ear) for 3 sections of fence in order for us to work out the finances with our 3 neighbors. While Classic Fence Co’s estimate came out higher than the others, we felt that we could trust their craftsmanship and quality to be worth the extra cost. The customer service, you guys. I am telling you, it’s well worth the slight extra cost.

Ashley R.

Could not be more pleased with my new fence. Can really see the difference in workmanship compared to the other fences in my backyard. Solid posts, good quality boards. Very reasonable and they bill each neighbor separately. The workers were very professional, showed up on time.

Janet O.

Thanks again Classic Fence, this is our second time you have done work for us and I couldn’t be happier, showed up before time, explained and ask me what I wanted and were finished very timely and clean! All the best Classic Fence!!

Patrick N.

Classic Fence is a class act. Wow, I was impressed. Mark was super thorough in explaining the process, the options, and timeline. Prices were dead-on with the other bids, but with higher quality lumber. The crew was on time, totally professional, and did a great job removing the old fence, setting the posts, building the new fence, and cleaning up. The end product was fantastic.

D H.

This is by far THE BEST FENCE company around! There was a lot of negotiating between ourselves and our neighbor. At one point it got ugly. I have to say that Classic Fence went above and beyond to help mediate the situation and ensure we had a fence that both parties would be happy with.

Beth W.

Classic Fence is by far the best fence company around! They provide a superior product and fantastic service. We decided to use them based on another beautiful fence they built in our neighborhood and they did not disappoint! We liked the fence so much we decided to use them for a second fence. We are sending in the contract for a third fence tonight. They have definitely earned all of our business!

Karen B.
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