5 Tips to Help You Install A Redwood Fence With Ease

Author: Emerson Beck

Author: Emerson Beck

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If you have decided that your garden could do with an upgrade by installing a privacy fence, one of the most attractive options would be a wood fence. Choosing to install a redwood fence would also be a great choice as it delivers an aesthetically pleasing finish as well as provides security and privacy.

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 Here are five essential tips to help you install a redwood fence with ease. If you follow these suggestions you should be able to enjoy a privacy fence that will look good and last a long time.

1. Make Sure You Assess the Suitability of Your Redwood Fence Installation With an Onsite Inspection

One of the first things you will need to do once you have decided that you want to install a privacy fence is to check whether your site is suitable.

This involves checking if you need to get any permits for the proposed redwood fence. This is particularly relevant if you are not replacing an existing boundary fence that you want to upgrade.

It would also be a good idea to check the redwood fence manufacturer’s installation guidelines so that you know what to expect when you start the job. You can also read more on the top things you need to know before putting up a wooden fence.

2. Aim to Accurately Estimate the Cost of the Job Before You Start

You will obviously want to know what it is going to cost to buy the materials needed for the job and to install your new redwood fence.

Even if you are competent when it comes to DIY if you have never installed a wood fence before it would be a good idea to allow enough in your budget to get a local wood fencing contractor to do the work for you. They will be licensed and insured, which means you can expect the job to meet a high standard. Here are additional reasons why you should hire a professional fence installer.

You need to get quotes for the supply of your redwood fence and all the materials needed for installation. Plus you should try and get at least three quotes from fencing contractors so that you can compare prices.

Once you have the cost of the materials and the installation you can calculate the average cost per square foot and budget accordingly.

Bear in mind that the complexity of your home landscaping and difficult configurations that come from having a less than straightforward layout will add to the cost.

3. The Tools and Materials You Will Need

There are a number of essential tools and materials needed if you are going to take the DIY route with your redwood fence installation.

A measuring tape, or preferably a measuring wheel, is the best way to accurately calculate how many posts and fencing panels you are going to need. You should use garden stakes to mark out where your fence posts will go.

Insulated fencers’ grafts make digging holes a lot easier and quicker than using a shovel. In addition, you will need a shovel holer to create the perfect hole for each post.

Make sure you also have a spirit level to check that each post is vertically sound.

4. Choose the Right Time to Install Your Fence

You don’t want a lot of rainfall or excess humidity when installing fencing. The best conditions are when it’s dry and mild because too much moisture will make it harder to position your post and get it as straight as possible.

5. Some Essential Points to Remember When Installing a Wooden Fence

There are a number of things that could go wrong if you are going to carry out a DIY installation of your new redwood fence.

Some costly mistakes to avoid include making sure you use more posts rather than less. Too many posts are always better than not having enough to make it strong enough.

It is also recommended that you dig a bit deeper when installing your posts as this will make your fence more resilient.

Installing a stunning redwood fence that looks great and will last a long time is something that is relatively easy to achieve as long as you follow tried and tested guidelines, and buy good quality fencing panels and materials.

Hiring a Redwood Fence Company in Sacramento

Hiring a top-rated wooden fence contractor in Sacramento to do the job for you is your best bet for guaranteeing quality craftsmanship that will last for decades. If you’re interested in getting a fence installed around your property, contact Classic Fence Co today at (916) 330-1144 or submit an online form.


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