Protect Your Elegant Wood Fence: Common Threats and How to Prevent Them

Author: Emerson Beck

Author: Emerson Beck


An elegant wood fence is a testament to your style and taste, and it enhances the look of your landscape. However, the natural tendency of wood to break down over time and the damage caused by weather and wildlife can take a toll on your residential fence’s condition. In this article, we’ll discuss some common threats to your wood fence and how to prevent them.

Wind & Storm Damage

We’ve had a bad period of weather in Sacramento County this year and have seen the damage strong winds can do to fences. Wind can cause direct damage to the fence, such as visible leaning or debris falling on it, and can be difficult to prevent. You can take certain steps to make the damage less likely, such as:

  • Prune your trees to make them structurally stable
  • Tie down large objects
  • Have a strong, well-built fence.

Wood Rot

Microorganisms in the wood cause rot, and pressure treatments that infuse chemicals into the wood can slow down the process. To protect your fence further, take the following measures:

  • Keep the wood off the ground
  • Seal the fence correctly
  • Repair any damage promptly
  • Keep mulch and vegetation away from the fence
  • Ensure your sprinklers don’t sprinkle your fence.

Moisture intrusion into the fence can hasten the decay process, and these measures prevent or reduce rot.

Wood Destroying Insects

Termites are the most notorious insects that eat wood, but powderpost beetles and carpenter ants are also known to cause damage. Pressure-treated wood can protect your fence against WDOs (wood-destroying insects), but the treatment can wear off over time. It’s essential to check how long the treatment lasts.

You can re-treat your wooden fence with WDO-killing preservatives, but it requires refinishing the fence. However, insect treatment can last for up to a decade, making it a less frequent maintenance step.

Poor Installation & Unstable Posts

Your fence’s structural stability depends on the fence posts, and any instability can cause sagging, warping, and tilting in your fence. To avoid further tilting or even falling over of your fence, replace or brace your unstable fence posts. Consult your fencing contractor about destabilizing fence posts.


Common Threats to Your Wood Fence

These are some common threats to your wood fence in Sacramento County, and as you take care of your fence over the years, you may come across other issues that could cause damage.

Hiring Classic Fence Company

Contact Classic Fence Co. for expert wood fence care and repair services to save your fence from damaging influences. Our team offers a range of services for new and existing fences, and we’re always glad to help keep your fence in top condition. 


Recognizing the common threats to your wood fence is key in preserving its integrity and saving you money in the long run. 

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