Why You Should Hire a Professional to Install Wood Fence Panels

Author: Emerson Beck

Author: Emerson Beck

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There are a number of very good reasons why you want to install wood fence panels around your home. A wood fence can be so much more than a perimeter that defines the borders around your property. As well as giving you a good level of privacy and security it is also a great way to enhance the curb appeal of your home.


A beautiful wood fence delivers timeless elegance and it should add enough value to your home to justify the cost outlay for having it installed.


It is perfectly feasible to install a wood fence yourself but there is often much more to the task than you might imagine and if you want your fence to look amazing and last a long time it can often be a better strategy to use professional wood fence builders.


In order to help you decide if you should hire a professional to install wood fence panels let’s take a look at what’s involved. From choosing between a range of modern fence design options and finishes to even getting some pool fence ideas and inspiration, there are lots of points to consider and get right if you want the finished job to look perfect and last for years.

How to install wood fence panels

How to install wood fence panels

A good starting point would be to take a closer look at exactly what is involved when you decide that you want to install wood fence panels in your backyard and around your home.

Understanding exactly what is involved will help you appreciate the difference between attempting to do the work yourself or hiring a professional to do the job.


Why do you want to do the job yourself?


The most obvious answer to that question is that you think that you will be able to save money if you install wood panels yourself rather than hire a professional to do it.

The fact that you won’t be paying a professional fencing company to install your fencing and will only be paying for materials means you will be saving money on labor costs. However, there are a couple of key points to consider when it comes to talking about cost.

When you are doing the work yourself it will be down to you to get every aspect of the installation absolutely correct. That means you will have to estimate accurately how much timber you will need. You also need to calculate how many posts are required and work out all of the tools and additional materials needed to install the wood panels in a way that looks good but also performs the task of providing security and privacy to the level expected.

As well as choosing the right fence panels that fulfill your need and look aesthetically pleasing you will also need to calculate how many panels you will need. Although a typical fence panel tends to be a uniform height of six feet and will usually measure about eight feet across, it can actually be very tricky to measure and lay out your posts. The reason for this is that the posts need to be spaced eight feet apart using a measurement from the side of one post to the facing side of the adjacent post. If you don’t get this calculation correct it could spell trouble for your installation. A classic DIY error is often to space the posts eight feet apart from the center, but this does not make sufficient allowance for the space needed for each panel.

It is worth pointing this out as one of the challenges associated with doing the work yourself as an incorrect calculation is going to involve extra time and money to correct the problem. Obviously, a professional who knows how to install wood fence panels correctly every time would be familiar with this problem and be able to quote based on an accurate estimation of the materials and labor needed to do the work to a high standard.

You will also need to be competent enough with your DIY skills to be able to set the fence posts in the right location and correctly spaced to provide the right support. As well as having the right tools to make the hole for the posts you will also need to fill the hole with concrete once the post is in position.

Safety is also a key consideration that you need to think about, especially if you are weighing up whether to try and do the job yourself or hire a professional.


When you install wood fence panels you will be using materials that are heavy and awkward to carry or maneuver due to their size. Some of the tools you will need to work with include a circular saw, hammer, post-hole digger, and a cordless drill. These are all items that need to be handled with the utmost care and attention if you want to avoid the prospect of sustaining an injury. You will need to have all of the right protective workwear such as eye and hearing protection.


A professional installer will obviously have a robust set of health and safety protocols that they will observe while doing the work. They will also have insurance to protect everyone in the unlikely event of something going wrong on site.


Having adequate insurance is also relevant when you consider that there could be service lines and pipes buried below the ground where you intend to dig. You will need to check with your local utility provider to verify their location so that you can avoid a potential disaster where you cut through a water or gas line, or risk electrocution by making contact with a power cable buried below.


If you use a professional fence installer to do the work they will investigate and mark your site for buried services. They will also have insurance should any accidental damage is caused to utility services on your property, even if that scenario is unlikely.


Building Permits

Another important point to remember is that many communities require you to get a building permit for your fencing before any installation work can even start. The permit will require you to observe strict height restrictions and you may also have to observe a minimum set-back distance from your property line. It may also be a local stipulation that you have to obtain a property survey in order to determine the exact location of any affected property lines before a permit will be issued.


You can obtain a permit yourself. However, a professional installer will be very familiar with what is required and how to obtain the required permit using all the correct information, with the minimum of fuss.


The bottom line is that what may appear a fairly straightforward DIY job to install wood fence panels can actually turn out to be nowhere near as easy as you first thought. When you consider all of the tools you will need, the challenge of estimating the right quantities of materials to avoid waste, and the physical challenge of fitting the posts and panels to a high standard, the price of employing a professional may not seem that bad.


All things considered, paying for a professional to install wood fence panels could turn out to be money well spent when you see the end result. 

Hiring a Professional Wood Fence Panel Installer

If you decide to hire a professional to install wood fence panels on your property here are some of the things that you need to think about and need to discuss with them when they come to give you a quote.


Choosing the right fence panel and design

It will help if you have a good idea of what you want your fence panels to achieve once they have been installed. You can always get some guidance from your installer if you are not sure what style would work best on your property. We have a wide variety  backyard fence design ideas to choose from. 


Think about what your priorities are. Do you want a fence that gives you extra privacy and security? Is your fence going to make your pool secure or do you need to keep your pets in and other animals out of your backyard?


If privacy is a top priority you should consider choosing a fence style that has minimal space between the boards. If you like the look of a lattice that is closely spaced it is possible that it could offer as much privacy as a solid fence if you use some climbing plants to offer extra screening.


Bear in mind that the height of your fence could be dictated by local building codes and neighborhood covenants. It would also be sensible to have a discussion with your neighbor about your plans, especially if your new fence might impact their view or affect them in some other way.


If the idea of having a high fence all the way around your property seems a bit too much you could opt for a stepped design option.


The fence could be taller at points where you need it most. If you have decking and a hot tub, for instance, you will want greater privacy around these areas. A stepped fence design can also add a new dimension to the look and feel of your home. 


It is also well worth remembering that modern fence designs give you lots of great options to explore when choosing what you want. A good example would be when you have great views from your garden or a lot of natural light that you don’t want to sacrifice.


In these circumstances, and if privacy is not an issue, you could choose glass fence panels. These will shield you from the wind or allow plenty of natural light to come through whilst giving you protection and defining your property lines.


Have a list of what your priorities are for your fencing and think about what sort of style and finish you prefer. When you meet for a discussion with your professional installer it will ease the planning and estimate process if you have a fairly clear idea about what you want your fencing to do for you, such as provide privacy and security, and what sort of look and finish you prefer.


Materials and cost estimates

Having a clear idea of what sort of fence style and finish you want will help a fencing installer to give you an accurate quote when they meet you at your property.


It is fairly standard practice to try and obtain multiple estimates so that you can compare their prices and get a good feel for the company that ticks all the right boxes. It is never a good idea to be guided on price alone. What you are trying to achieve is a good balance between cost and quality. Both are equally important and the good news is that fence installation is often a competitive arena. That means you should be able to make a few appointments with the companies you have shortlisted and they will not only turn up to evaluate the work, but also show a willingness to offer you a price that reflects their professionalism and experience, but also demonstrates how keen they are to do the work for you.


There can be factors that could have an impact on how much you are quoted to do the work.


If your property layout is fairly simple and you don’t have any obstructions or gradients that make the installation harder and more complicated it stands to reason that your quote will be lower than if there are some challenges to overcome.


You will need to be realistic with your cost expectations if there are factors that could drive up the price. A lack of easy access to your site and the need to remove rocks and trees are two classic examples of how the installation cost could be impacted.


If you have evaluated these important considerations before you start inviting quotes it will help ensure that you get a quote that reflects the work involved. Knowing exactly what price you are going to be paying for the work begins is always the best scenario. That is achievable when you have taken everything into consideration beforehand.


Preparing for the fence builders visit


There are a couple of things to do in preparation for a visit from a fencing company representative.


Having a fairly clear idea of what you want your fencing to do and what sort of style you prefer will definitely help the meeting go smoothly and efficiently. It will also help the rep to gather the information required for their estimate if you take steps to let them carry out their measuring unhindered.


Keep your pets inside your home and try to clear the perimeter from any obstructions if you can.Try to leave them to do their measuring but remain close by so that they can ask any questions that are relevant to what they need to know to be able to produce an accurate quote.


Make sure you ask how long the quote is good for. This will allow you to plan a timeline where you can evaluate all of the quotes received and give you sufficient opportunity to ask any extra questions before choosing which professional you are going to use to install your wood fence panels.


Talk about safety precautions and other issues


It may be relevant to have a brief conversation about any obvious safety protocols that will need to be observed during the installation process. 


There may also be other issues that are relevant to your site that need to be discussed. These could be logistical challenges, for instance, where working safely and getting materials onto your site require additional measures that could have an impact on how much they quote.


Picking the Right Fencing Company

Asking a professional company to install wood fence panels is a fairly simple task as long as you ask the right questions and do a little bit of extra research to confirm that you have made the right choice.


It is perfectly acceptable to ask for details that confirm their professional standing and verify that they have all the right licenses and insurance protection expected. A professional fencing installer will be licensed and insured. This protection includes liability and workman’s compensation. This gives you peace of mind that in the unlikely event of a problem while doing fencing work on your property the company has adequate protection in place to ensure you are not out of pocket and are protected from a liability claim.


You should also ask for a couple of references. If you can speak to a couple of customers who have already had their fence installed it will help you verify that the company has a good reputation and their work is up to the required standard.


Ask about permits


A local fence installer will be very familiar with the permit process and have a good understanding of what is required and how to get the required permits with the minimum of fuss.


When you are discussing your requirements with a representative of the fencing company it would be a good idea to ask about obtaining a permit. Knowing how long it should take to get the permit and what sort of restrictions you will have to contend with will help you plan better and build a realistic timeline for starting the work.


How long will you have to wait for your new fence?

It stands to reason that a professional fence installer will usually be flat out busy during the spring and summer months when the weather is kinder and there is more available natural daylight.


When discussing the quote and before you commit to your preferred contractor you might want to verify what their proposed timeline is.


Find out how long their backlog is and as long as you can get a good idea of how quickly they can do your work, and you are happy with that timeline, you can then decide to proceed based on that information.


Verify Installation details

Another important topic of discussion when choosing a fencing company is to talk about every aspect of the installation.


The sort of questions you want answers to include whether the fencing posts will be set in concrete and what depth they will need to be. You will also want to know how the installer intends to handle waste removal and what sort of cleanup measures they will use once the work has been completed.


It is also relevant to know what size of crew they will bring to your job and whether they intend to use any subcontractors for any aspect of the work. Knowing whether a foreman or the owner of the company will be on site can also be useful as it gives you an extra degree of comfort when someone senior is on-hand to oversee the work and discuss any issues with you straight away.


Ask about contract and payment details. Check what sort of deposit is required and when payment is due. Verify if you are going to be issued with a written contract.


What sort of warranty do they offer?

Knowing what type of warranty your fencing contractor will provide is an important point to clarify.


Verify if they offer an installation warranty and if a manufacturer’s product warranty is also included. A typical warranty should usually be for a period of at least three years, although some will be longer.


Pay attention to the type and length of guarantees and warranties as they can give you peace of mind that your installation is covered for a decent amount of time.


Periodic maintenance of fence

Once your fence panels have been successfully installed you will want to protect your investment and keep your fencing looking as good as new.


It is quite easy to achieve this aim if your fence panels have been professionally installed. If you schedule in some seasonal maintenance tasks you will also be doing your bit in keeping everything in good shape.


Talk to your installer for some periodic maintenance tips. If you want minimal maintenance you might want to consider cedar posts and panels. Cedar offers a good level of natural protection from the elements, although you can still stain and finish the fence if that’s your preference.


When you install wood fence panels in your home you will be able to enjoy a solution that gives you privacy, security, and raises the profile of your property to a whole new level. Considering how much you can achieve by fitting these fence panels it makes sense to use a professional to get the best possible finish. A finish that will also stand the test of time.

Hiring a Wood Fence Panel Builder in the Greater Sacramento Area

Have you thought about installing new wood fence panels in your residential property? Are you worried about the cost? Why not speak to one of our professionals today. After a discussion about what your needs are, we’ll organize a trip out to your property and will be able to provide an accurate estimate and timeline. Contact Classic Fence Company today at (916) 330-1144 now. 

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